Dubai, United Arab Emirates

HILCO CONTRACTING LLC is registered under the license issued by the Economic Department in Dubai UAE. By successfully embarking our operations we have acquired a substantial part of the business sector in Dubai. We are fortunate to have a very close-knit team of professionals and skilled workers from various nationalities, having profound knowledge and expertise in their particular fields dedicated towards construction as per client requirements with utmost client satisfaction. Our teams at PHILCO have vast experience in completing several buildings, labor accommodations, warehouses, distribution centers, factories, luxury villas, offices, residential buildings and many other turn key projects in UAE.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Gulf Drilling Supply FZE was registered on the 30th April, 2007 in UAE. The foreign branch Office of the Company began its operation in the republic of Azerbaijan from September of 2007 and has been successful in all its operation ever since. Gulf Drilling Azerbaijan utilizes some of state-of-art technologies with API standard on its onshore oil & gas operation involving highly skilled and educated professionals all with extensive backgrounds

Horizon Boring

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Horizon Boring Contracting Head office is located in Emirates of Dubai, U.A.E, We are specializes in the application of Trenchless technologies. We approved by Road & Transport Authority (RTA) For Non- Disruptive Road Crossing NDRC work for HDD, Trust Boring and Pipe Jacking Method. Through sharing knowledge and best practice Horizon Boring Contracting LLC continues to establish new clientele as well as maintain and develop existing relationships.

FIX Concrete Technologies was established in 2010 with the Vision to Carry out Concrete Repair Works, Structural Strengthening Works and Special Applications for Construction Chemical Materials. Due to the Market needs and Demands for General Contractors Specialized in Concrete Repair & Structural Strengthening Works, we have extended our Line of Services to Include Rehabilitation, Retrofitting,Construction Works and Steel Structure Erection.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hills & Fort General Trading L.L.C. is a multi-diversified general trading company. We specialize in trading of Building Materials, Firefighting Equipment, DI Castings, Lightings as well as general consumables as per customer requirements. Our clientele includes large private organizations in and around United Arab Emirates.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Relying on our distinguished workforce, business traffic, continuous search for quality through applying total quality practices, and the ultimate desire to put our business partners first, the aforementioned companies that fell under the umbrella of Perfection Group can professionally and compassionately provide our clients with many different types of jobs & projects such as, but not limited to, sub-structure works from shallow foundations to piling and shoring works, super structure works which include both categories concrete and steel structure buildings, all types of Alumium & Glass Works and innovative retractable skylight, finishing works from basic stages to luxury finishing with interior design that relies on VR (Virtual Reality) prior to the execution process. What’s more, our group is well-equipped and professionally prepared to execute all types of MEP Works regardless of its size.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Innovation has long been the driver for entrepreneurial development at CHCI. The company strives to promote innovations in management and technologies, to lead enterprise transformation and system establishment in the national investigation and design industry, and to carry out modern enterprise management and operation. To achieve the development of geotechnical engineering technology system with CHCI feature, the Company is actively engaged in research on new technology, new process and new methods, and developed core technologies in the competence area ofgeotechnical engineering investigation, hydrogeological investigation, water resources assessment, foundation treatment, prevention and control of engineering geological hazards, cast-in-situ bored pile with super-large diameter, cast-in-situ rotary drilled pile and cast-in-situ rotary drilled pile with post grouting, engineering well with large diameter, and underground space development and utilization technology.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Welcome to RCC - Al Rashad Contracting Company established in 1976 as a general contracting company. Successfully completed various types of projects over the last 40 years including residential and office buildings, luxury and medium cost housing, shopping centres, public buildings, steel structure, highrise buildings.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Anmol Piling & Steel Structural LLC. is specialist in geotechnical and in pile foundation works which provides the following list of services in pile foundation, retaining walls and structural support members for retaining walls.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Today Projeco Contracting LLC is a known brand with over ten years of proven experience and a vast portfolio of accomplished projects with happy clients in all sectors: residential, retail, restaurants, cafes, industrial, entertainment. We have our own in house team for all types of work, Masonry, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry and Painting. We are fully independent for most activities.

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