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Akaree matches real estate owners or investors with engineering, construction & architecture professionals. Our integrated database of reliable professionals makes connections seamless, resulting in higher efficiency, simplified processes, and streamlined communication between all stakeholders. Our platform is also the source where professionals can stay up to date about the industry’s latest news, best practices, innovation and tools.


Akaree is the next generation etendering platform to operate in the vast construction market. It delivers robust, comprehensive tendering process in a single, unified digital platform which will connect the professional experts in engineering and construction sectors and assist in making better with straightforward, transparent, easy to use process, high data security, productive automated bid evaluation, built-in status communication, time and cost saving, more competing bids, minimal errors, and post-contract disputes.

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Access our large community of accredited and reliable industry professionals, helping you save valuable time by connecting you to suitable vendors and service providers.

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With our user-friendly and secure platform, briefs, negotiations, information requests and quotations are efficient, clear and quick resulting in enhanced accountability, reduced costly reworks and delays.

Unparalleled visibility.

By joining our platform, vendors & providers will enter a world of new opportunities. You will be able to reach a wider market and get matched with prospects through targeted searches.

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