Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We provide 24/7 cleaning of grease trap, drainage and sewage services. Be it an emergency or a scheduled cleaning, we got you covered! We provide services to any size of residential and commercial properties, no matter the size or severity of blockage or amount of sewage.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ProEnviron is founded to serve in the field of environmental and infrastructural projects for supporting our clients goals of meeting environmental regulations, occupational safety for a sustainable future. Through our partnership with our American, European and regional companies we provide a range of products in air pollution control and water and wastewater processing.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Amety Technical Services LLC is approved by Nakheel and Emaar. Amety Technical Services LLC is a trusted name in the home repairs and maintenance domain. Amety Technical Services LLC is a Dubai based leading home and corporate solutions company. Our Company has been providing all kind of Technical services in various domains such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, ac repair services, landscaping and many more


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We are a leading sweet water, salt water Sweet Water TankerTanker supply Transport company in Dubai. Starting from 2002, we have pioneered in supplying water to construction industry. As we know all that construction work mainly requires water. Our company fulfills requirements for clients.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ETHPE was established in 1989 under the trade name of SARL ETHPE in Algeria, while our Dubai office was established under the trade name ETHPE CONTRACTING L.L.C. Since our establishment, we are developing an integrated approach in Public Works, Hydraulics and Environment sector and more


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Eagle Electromechanical Co LLC (Eagle) and Al Hijaz Mechanical Equipment Co LLC (Al Hijaz) are sister environmental engineering, utilities and electromechanical contracting firms which were established in 1985 and 1995, respectively, in the united Arab Emirates.

Oasis dewatering services

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Established in 1992, Oasis is the leading manufacturer (OEM) of dewatering pumps in the UAE. Oasis pumps are renowned for long-term reliability, efficiency and low maintenance as they provide trouble free operation in critical and demanding on-site conditions

It’s our pleasure to introduce Freeline cleaning Services in the United Arab Emirates. Our vision is to evolve FREELINE as the best Sewerage and Drainage Maintenance Company in the United Arab Emirates. The company is managed by an experienced professional and support staff who are also experts in this field.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Concorde - Corodex Group, is one of the Middle East region’s pioneering providers of fire protection, water purification, wastewater treatment and environmental services. Established in 1974, the company has evolved to become a group of 22 individual companies offering a diverse portfolio of products and services such as, water treatment services, marine and industrial chemical cleaning, and firefighting equipment.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In Top Clean Environment Services we have the established expertise to handle the removal and disposal of liquid waste stream, from general and hazardous wastes. We assure in your facilities management with the confidence of more than 13 years operations in the Emirates. Our services are provided on a flat fee performance agreement with no capital exposure or risk to your organization. We take complete responsibility of your waste onsite, from the point of generation, and till the designated disposal sites.

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